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Great is Your Name

Songtekst: Great is Your Name

Why should a King, step down from His throne?
Leave all His riches behind
What kind of God becomes like a man?
Setting His status aside

Only a king, who’s worthy enough
gives up his crown for a cross
only a God abundant in love
is able to pay what love costs

You’re the name above all names
Exalted over all
Thank You
You gave everything for us
Great is your name, great is your name

God in His love, He humbled Himself
Humbled Himself for the lost
Servant but King, human but God
Choose to become one of us

This is our King, yes this is our King!
trading his crown for a cross

We put ourselves aside
And let our praises rise
Great is your name

Chorus 2x

(c) words & music: Ben Cantelon, Christina Boonstra, Matthijn Buwalda, Jorge Mhondera & Hanne de Vries
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